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Nils_Nilsson_ResearcherAfter retiring from my Stanford career, I had thought that work on teleo-reactive (TR) programs had essentially ended.  I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I heard from Keith Clark that he and Peter Robinson were working on a book describing their systems TeleoR (the action execution language) and QuLog (the dynamic belief store) that greatly extended the power of my original TR programming language.  As the “Related Publications” of this Web site states, Springer will publish their book in 2015.

Keith then told me that three Spanish authors, Jose Miguel Morales, Pedro Sánchez, and Diego Alonso had recently published a thorough literature review of the TR paradigm.  There was much more going on than I thought!  (Again, see the “Related Publications” page.)

Thinking they would be familiar with the current TR situation, I asked if they would help me modernize an outdated Web page I had developed at Stanford in the 1990s about TR programs.  Pedro Sánchez responded saying he would be glad to do that, and the result is what you see on these pages.

I think that recent work positions TR programming as a viable and important approach for “mid-level” control of robots and software agents that must be responsive to their perceptions while ever-focused on their goals.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Nils Nilsson

7 May 2014

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